Brick Repair Toronto | Chimney Repair Toronto | Concrete Repairs Toronto

 Over time bricks deteriorate due to the elements of nature.  It is imaprative to replace them before further structural damage is caused to the property.  By replacing bricks that are damaged or deteriorating, it will save against future water damage and more deteriorating bricks.  By not doing so now it can become very costly later.

 We replace cracked, deteriorating and rotting bricks with historically matched or reclaimed bricks.  By doing so the overall appearance will seem as if there were no bricks replaced and will maintain the originality of the property.

Along with brick repair and replacement, we offer the service of creating and modifying openings for doors and window installation.  We also fill in window or door openings if required.


Services provided include:
Brick repair or replacement.  Fill in or modify door and window openings.   Create openings. We use historically matched or reclaimed bricks as well as colour match the mortar.
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