Some our recent project include the following:

 Crown Hill Place

This project required the replacement of all broken concrete sills of various sizes.  Custom formed sills to identically match the previous window sills were used. 


Replaced over 1000 bricks around the building including ones one the balconies.  

Restored the original brick balconies on the back side of the building and added custom formed coping stones to protect the balconies from future water damage and add more of a visual appeal. 

Repaired and painted two front side balconies.  Replaced damaged stucco on both sides of stairs at front entrance. Repaired broken stairs at the entrance of the building.  

1096 Danforth

This project consisted of repairing the soffit and replacing some of the rotted wood that was on the soffit. Replaced the metal roof corners that were severely deteriorated with brand new corners so that rain and snow would not be able to penetrate through the roof and re damage the soffit.  Applied fresh coats of paint to the roof and soffit.  

Replaced 200 bricks above the window at the back of the building.  Installed 11 new windows.  Replaced 75 damaged bricks using reclaimed bricks from the back of the building  Fixed various step cracks along
the building using colour matched matched mortar to blend in with the original colour.  


Re-pointed three chimneys and parged the parapet walls on the roof of the building.  Repaired the stucco around the building then repainted with the original paint colour.  Removed graffiti at the back of building, acid washed the bricks and pressure washed the building to bring back the original colour of the bricks.   

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