Tuck Pointing is the repair of mortar joints between bricks in a wall.  It is a critical maintenance task that keeps water from entering a brick wall.  By replacing missing, deteriorating mortar between bricks, it will ultimately prevent the bricks from cracking, deteriorating or have the face of the bricks to pop off (spall).

Common things to look for around your home are step cracks as well as deteriorating or missing mortar between bricks.


Tuck pointing will keep out rain and snow that can avoid future costly repair or replace- ment of bricks.  By removing the deteriorating mortar between the joints and replacing them with new mortar, the property's masonry will be structurally and visually restored.  Doing so will improve the appearance of the property as well as the value.   

Services provided include:
Grind cracked, loose, deteriorating, or missing mortar.  Historical building colour matched mortar. Re-point joints. 

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